Summer Festivals, Shimla

Lying towards extreme North, Himachal Pradesh tends to have the coldest weather. Most of its districts remain extremely cold during the year. But come summer and this ‘Land of Gods’ rejoices with a welcome climatic change.

They celebrate this change of season in the form of Summer Festival. More commonly known as Shimla Summer Festival, the celebrations observe a huge association of men and women who gather and celebrate the advent of summer. They pay reverence to the gods by singing and dancing in gratefulness.

They thank their gods for a rich harvest. A repetition of this bliss is also requested for the following year. The entire state showcases exuberant pomp and grandeur during this festival. Richly tinted fairs add a new fangled shade to the wide array of colors of the state giving out a powerful visual impact.

Similar to other festivals celebrated in the state, this festival also comes as a rejuvenator of the rich cultural heritage of India which is retained in the best way possible by the people of this region. With a lot of temporary stalls and make shift food joints, the festival comes as a welcome respite to the kids from their boring school schedules as the festival falls during their summer break.