Jakhu Temple, Shimla

Shimla, the Queen of Hill Stations, is not only known for panoramic view of valley, lush greenery, snow-capped mountain ranges and other attractions, but also for the most devoted and prominent temple Jakhu temple Shimla that derived its name from the Hindi word Yakhsa who was a mythological characters in Hindu mythology who are a link between human and gods. Jakhu also written as Jakhoo is a famous temple dedicated to the Lord Hanuman the savior of Lord Ram and the most powerful ape ever.

Jakhu temple Shimla is one of the prime attractions of the hill station that is explored by all those tourists who come to celebrate their holidays to this beautiful hill station. The famous temple is located on the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh at about 8500 feet in the east of the historical ridge ground in Shimla. It is said that the famous temple is from the time of Ramayana. The most famous temple is located in dense forests of Jakhu hills where people or devotees have to cover a steep hill trek of around two km to reach to temple.

According to legendaries related to temple, there is a great mythological tale that takes it dating back to the fierce battle between Lord Rama and Ravana at Lanka. During this better, Lakshmana (younger brother of Rama) got injured due an arrow came from the side of Ravana that was shoot by Meghanath (Elder son of Ravana). Laxman lost his sense and became fainted because of the arrow and was almost on the edge of death. An experienced herb practitioner who was brought by Lord Hanuman from Lanka told Lord Rama that his brother could be saved by a herb named Sanjeevani. But it was found in the dense and deep inside hills of Himalayas. And the work could only be done by Hanuman who was entrusted with this life saving task of bringing the herb.

When he was on his way through air to Himalaya, he saw sage Yaaku sitting on Jakhu mountain in penance. After seeing him, lord Hanuman landed with an intention to collect precise information about the herb. It is said that the mountain could not bear the weight of the Lord and sunk to the earth, remaining half of its original size. However after getting the doubts cleared about the herb, the Lord restarted his journey and promised Yaaku to meet him while returning. But later he was unable to come there because of some reason or because of the fight with a demon named Kaalnemi. However, Lord Hanuman appeared before the sage and told him the genuine cause but an idol appeared on the hill by itself. Later, a small temple was built by Yaaku to commemorate the Lord's visit on the hill and kept that idol there.

Jakhu temple Shimla is really an amazing place to explore where you will also see countless ape and monkeys in their natural habitant. So, during your tour to Himachal Pradesh, come and explore Hadimba temple Shimla.