Hadimba Temple, Manali

Beautiful hill station Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh is not only a home to beautiful and romantic attractions, but it also have a deep devotional enthusiasm that is provoked by most devoted temple named Hadimba temple Manali. A pagoda shaped roof, front doorway covered with figures and symbols, amazing and intricate woodcarvings with cover to the pillars, door posts, lintels, etc names a few that are enough to describe the deep enthusiasm of devotees towards Hadimba temple Manali.

At the same time, deep pine forest ranges near old Manali symbolizes that you have in the lap of Mother Nature where Mother Goddess of the valley or Hadima Devi has left a lot of spirituality. Hadimba temple Manali that is dedicated to goddess Hadimba hold a very devoted history.

History - Insight of Hadimba temple Manali

Constructed by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1550 AD, Hadimba temple Manali is a much revered deity of the locals where the Goddess regularly consulted in times of natural hardship or calamity. According to locals and legendary related to temple, animal sacrifices are still made here in her honor. They further remarks that the Hadimba, the brother of Goddess used to rule some of the sub-mountainous tracts here. And at that time, Hadimba fell in love with most powerful Bhima who was one of the Pandava brothers. It is said that Pandavas happened to step into the territory of Hadimb having escaped the wax house unhurt. Later on Hadimba's request, Bhima killed Hadimba and married to her. However, they lived together for one year and during the course of time Hadimba also gave birth to a son who later famous as Ghatokachh.

More and Deep Inside of Hadimba Temple History

After the death of her brother, she ruled the valley till her son grown enough to rule the entire valley. And later she went to the inner hills for meditation where her resort to meditation was known as Dhungri that was developed into temple that got popularity as Hadimba temple Manali.

More facts about Hadimba Temple Manali

Hadimba temple Manali is a four story wooden temple located in the middle of a forest Dhugru Van Vihar. Therefore, temple is also known as Dhungri temple where devotees from all parts of the country come to pay homage to Hadimba. She is also a very important deity in the celebrations of the biggest celebration at the valley- Kullu Dussehra as the celebrations cannot begin before her arrival.

Hadimba temple Manali is 500 years old temple that has never been enshrined with any idol as it holds foot print in stone worshipped by the people. According to locales, birthday of goddess is also celebrated on the first of Jaith or 14th of May in Dhungri forest where a fair is organized. This fair lasts for three days where devotees from entire Himachal Pradesh and even from other parts of the country come to celebrate the real beauty of the place. So come and pay homage to Hadimba temple Manali.