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Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

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Exploring the major attractions of the state are considered as baseless and at the same time as incomplete without enjoy shopping in Himachal Pradesh that is globally renowned for woolen clothes, wood craft, handicraft and the fruits. The hilly region of Northern Part of India has however free from major industries, but there are a number of handicraft centers out here that produce unique and eye-catching products that are not only used in day to day life, but at the same add more glory to one’s home interior decoration.

Local markets and those weekend markets that are organized by local vendors and merchants really take you to a unique culture. Shopping Himachal Pradesh in local markets or weekly markets would surly be an astonishing experience for you that you have ever expected and enjoyed. Fill of hand-made and machine made shawls, cardigans, wood crafts, paintings, embroidery items, textiles, rugs, carpets and a number of other handicraft products, shopping in Himachal Pradesh will surely be special. Moreover, you will also find Himachal caps that are embroidered in a unique way.

For the duration of your shopping you will get all those hand-made items that you have just seen in paintings, movies and television shows. As far as the shopping in Himachal Pradesh is concerned, the most preferred items are concerned wood craft items that are also considered as the oldest handicrafts in the state, as per the historical records. Cradles, low settees, boxes, ladles, bed sets, fruit baskets, trays, serving bowls, photo frames, candle stands and carved idols, etc., are some of the highly popular wood craft items that you will get during shopping in Himachal Pradesh.

Shawls are also one of the widely popular woolen clothing in the state of Himachal Pradesh that you will get during shopping in Himachal Pradesh. Paschmina shawls are the perfect evidence of its popularity as it is one of the most renowned shawls and woolen clothes in the world available in the hilly state. Shawls and other woolen clothes are weaved here by artists who work as full time for this. Shawls are made of fleeces taken from goat and sheep hair.

In addition to shawls, carpets and rugs are also very much popular handicraft item that are also made of different things like hair of goats and sheep. These rugs and carpets are also embroidered with different designs of flowering tree, blossoming lotus flowers, flutes etc.

Paintings and embroidery items are also quiet popular in the state that will get during shopping in Himachal Pradesh. Handkerchiefs, coverlets, caps, cholis, hand fans, kurtas etc. Shopping in Himachal Pradesh is incomplete without purchasing any embroidery items are some of the popular embroidery items. Needless to say, shopping in Himachal Pradesh will be a unique experience for you to explore. So what you are waiting for come and enjoy shopping in Himachal Pradesh along with your tour.