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Sajo Festival, Kinnaur

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Come the months of Magh and Phalgun and the 'Land of Festivals'- Himachal Pradesh is ready to celebrate the advent of Spring in the form of Sajo Festival. Commanding a strictly religious connotation, this festival comes as a bid adieu gesture to the local deities by their devotees. The festival is based on the concept that the deities get tired partaking in an immaculate series of festivals and therefore retire to their heavenly abode to rest for some time. The rural folk of the state therefore unite to bid a grand farewell to their mentors.

This festival is a grand affair for a lot of festivities are observed with the hope that the happy deities will bestow good upon their devotees from the heaven. Some people also believe that holy spirits of the gods may come to their devotees on this festival. The palanquins of the gods are left open with the temple doors closed for the deities to travel to heavens. It is hoped that good food, riches and prosperity will be thrown down to the earth by the gods from heaven. Therefore, the village people clean and polish the floors of the temples to receive the blessed things.

The representatives of the deities that is, the priest are invited by the people to their houses. This ritual better known as Deacher or Deokhel incorporates food grains and money to be offered to the priests. Delectable delicacies are made and eaten on this day to tell the deities how plentiful the locals want their kitchens to be.