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People of Himachal Pradesh

Every state in India has its own people who follow different traditions and cultures, people of Himachal Pradesh are not an exception of this. According to records and government data, there are 95.77% of Hindus, 1% Buddhist in the state of Himachal Pradesh. However, with more than 95% Hindus, people of Himachal Pradesh also showcase a fine blend of myriad races in the inhabitants of the state.

According to records, the beautiful state also inhibits Muslins, in large number in Chamba, Kangra and Sirmour valleys. On the other hand, Buddhist resides in Trans Himalayan areas of Lahaul & Spiti along with Kinnaur areas. Talking about people of Himachal Pradesh, then you will also find Sikhs in the state. Most of the people of Himachal Pradesh, more than 93%, belong to agriculture. However, maximum land of the state is owned by Rajputs, Brahamins and Mahajans.

However, people of Himachal Pradesh from all caste and religion who are educated and got professional degrees are also moving to other professions as well. People of Himachal Pradesh are honest, laborious and straightforward who believe in simple living and high thinking. And at the same time, they prefer their traditional food and clothing. Simple minded people of Himachal Pradesh are so innocent that hardly believe in theft.

This is the main reason that there are hardly a few FIRs registered in police stations related to theft, fight or any other mishap. Needless to say, people of Himachal Pradesh are the right symbol of honesty and laboring.