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Languages of Himachal

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One of the most beautiful states of Himachal Pradesh is also known for diverse languages of Himachal Pradesh. As far as the languages of Himachal Pradesh are concerned, the state hold a good command on national language Hindi and Hindi is the state language of the state. However, locales of the state prefer Pahari languages that have various sub-languages or dialects.

As far as local languages of Himahcal Pradesh are concerned, they are varied and spoken all around the region. Some of the popular local languages of Himachal Pradesh are Mandiali (spoken in Mandi District), Kulavi (Spoken in Kullu), Chameali (spoken in Chamba), Hinduari (Spoken in Nalagarh and its surrounding area), Pangwali, Miahasvi (Spoken in Mahasu region), Kehluri (Spoken in Bilaspur) and the list goes on. In addition to the dialects mentioned above, other popular languages that are undersood and spoken in major parts of the state are Lahauli, Spitian (Bohts), Kinnauri.

According to historical records, all local or Pahari languages of Himachal Pradesh are originated from ancient Indian language Sanskrit. In the real way, there is not a big different between all the local languages of Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, during your tour to the hilly state, if you want to communicate the locales, it will be easy as they speak and understand Hindi well. Now, there are also a number of people who speak and understand well English and other foreigner languages as well after doing some courses.

Tour guides of the state can speak different languages. In this way, it will be a good decision to hire a tour guide to avoid any problem that may take place, especially when you try to understand languages of Himachal Pradesh.