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History of Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh, one of the most amazing honeymoon destinations in India, has been a naturally rich tourist place in India known for hill stations, pine and deodar forest ranges, valleys, lush green jungles, snow-covered peaks, high-rise mountain ranges and a number of historical places. As far as the history of Himachal Pradesh is concerned, it has a very long, rich and glorious history that dates back to the era of Indus valley civilization. A home to myriad tribal civilization that inhibited in Indus valley civilization were Halis, Kirats, Kinnars, Khasas, Koilis, Dasas, Dhaugris, and the list goes on. However, a revolutionary change in the entire world also left a remarkable impression here and the state was invaded by the Aryan Civilization completely.

However, for the duration of Vedic period, a number of small republics like Janapada existed that were later covered by Gupta Empire. However, the region was divided into various local powers many a times headed by Rajputs and others. But, later Muslim invaders like Mahmud Ghaznavi devastated the state.

In the year of 1768, The Gurkhas ( a martial tribe) came into power in Nepal and expand their territory to Sirmour and Shimla. Later with the leadership of Amar Singh Thapa, Gorkhas covered Kangra by defeating Sansar Chand Katoch who was the ruler of Kangra. Interesting point of the history of Himachal Pradesh is that Gurkhas couldn't capture the Kangra fort that was under the governance of Amaharaja Ranjit Singh in 1809. Moreover, Gorkhas started expanding their troops towards South so an Anglo Gorkha war started between the British and Gorkhas in 1815-16 in which Britishers won and captured and annexed the area of Shimla and its surrounding areas.

Moreover, the history of Himachal Pradesh has also been subjected to myriad imperialist that is described here. Starts from 1009 A.D, when Muslim ruler invaded this region, and robbed the wealth in myriad ways from the temples in Northern India later on in 1043 AD.

According to history of Himachal Pradesh, a number of rulers of the state supported the British Government in 1857 and in the First World War. With the change in the time and when India got independence, Himachal Pradesh became a centrally administrated territory in 1948 to have an integration of more than 31 hill provinces. Later in the year of 1966, some additional regions added into the state that on 25th January 1971, Himachal Pradesh was elevated as independent state of Indian Republican.

Talking about the history of Himachal Pradesh deeply, then the people of the state has been very cool and friendly. Apart from this, they believe in their traditions and civilization very much and its impact can also be seen today as well.