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Himachal Travel Tips

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After booking your preferred tour package, you have packed your bags and started your journey to the state of snow or adobe of snow. But before arriving in the state, it is also vital for you to keep some essential points in mind and avoid mistakes. Here is a short description on Himachal travel tips that will surely be very helpful for you.

Weather conditions: First and foremost thing to keep in mind is the weather conditions. If you want to enjoy the pleasant weather, then the time between April to October will be the best time. If you want to explore the snow, especially powdery snow, then the time between December to February will be best for you.

Select the right Vehicle: Hiring a taxi or preferring buses from Himachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation or private operators will be the best option. If you are going by your own vehicle, then you must ensure whether the driver is expert in driving in hilly areas. Apart from this, you should also prefer sturdy vehicle like gypsy, Jeep or sport utility vehicle.

Collect information about the locality where you are going to explore: It is also a vital point to follow because you should collect information of the surrounding areas of the attractions. You should also carry the map of Himachal Pradesh along with you.

Do shopping carefully: Entire state is full of attractions. Moreover, most of the part of the state is hilly therefore carrying goods is somewhat difficult there. Therefore, thing could be a bit costlier there. On the other hand, you should also avoid shopping from hawkers because they sell duplicate products at at very high prices.

Things to carry; while camping or going on adventure tour: It is also vital to keep the first aid box always with you. Apart from this, carrying woollen clothings, sturdy shoes, sun-screen lotions, etc is also vital.

Avoid local foods and water: You should prefer boiled water or mineral water and always take food in a fine restaurant after ensuring the cleanness of the restaurant.

Advance booking of hotel: You should also make an advance booking of hotel because most of the time, the entire state is full of tourists; thus you may feel some problems in getting hotel quickly.

If you are going to any shrine, you should follow the traditions strictly.

Getting help of local guide will be beneficial in a number of ways.

If you are going to any wildlife sanctuary or national park, you should avoid plastic goods and avoid smoking there as it is strictly prohibited there.

If you are camping, you should avoid huge bonfires.

These Himachal travel tips are vital in a number of ways to make your tour to Himachal Pradesh memorable one.